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scientific training trip to a Romanian

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The students of the  Biomedical Engineering Department of at the University of Technology participated in a scientific training trip to a Romanian country, which lasted for a week to develop the students' capabilities in the field of application and use of advanced medical devices in the laboratories of Romanian universities, most notably the Polytechnic University in Bucharest.
The students who participated in the scientific training trip from the Department of Biomedical Engineering were the students Mina  waleed ,  Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar and Ahmed Akram, where the training was within a week on the equipment in the university laboratories, especially in the field of education systems, energy and electronic.
The students expressed their great joy at receiving a warm welcome from Dr. Sabah, Cultural Attaché Officer at the Iraqi Embassy in Romania, on the one hand, as well as their satisfaction with giving them the department and university this precious opportunity, which will be a key reason in the development of their capabilities in practical success between the theoretical and practical side

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