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Activities of Department Guide (Awards, Honors, Patents)for the academic year 2018-2019: -

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Activities of the student section of scientific, cultural and volunteer for the academic year 2018-2019: -


Activities of the student Mina Walid - stage 4: -

  • The participation of the student Mina Walid in the participation and strengthening of dialogue in English at the International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • . The participation of the student Mina Walid in the organization of the campaign Basma child cancer children
  • The participation of the student Mina Walid in the establishment of a donation campaign and charity market in the Department of Medical Engineering Life to support the International Orphan Day

  • The participation of student Mina Walid in the participation in the course of the Orduino in the Department of Engineering Medicine Hayaty
  • The participation of the student Meena Walid in the first session of the Steven initiative at the University of ballstate within the STEM team
  • The participation of the student Mina Walid in a lecture in the laboratory MEMS design about the two brain port, which is concerned with the control of the eighth nerve in the middle ear for the purpose of achieving balance of the human body
  •  The participation of student Meena Walid in the social event team in the halt prize
  • The participation of student Meena Walid in steven initiative The third session within the STEM & Business team
  • . The participation of the student Mina Walid in the course of the mintor to organize time and leadership with TLTD Volunter
  • The participation of the student Mina Walid in the university exhibition of scientific findings
  • The participation of student Meena Walid in the course of the written (emails) and Verbal Communication- Arabic and Engish with TLTD Volunteer
  • Participation of student Mina Walid in the exhibition of projects for the Department of Medical Engineering life and get first place


Activities of the student Hassan saad - stage 4: -


  •  Participation of a number of students in the Department under the initiative Hult prize volunteer and obtaining certificates of participation
  •  Attendance of student Hassan Saad Thajil at the Youth Forum at the headquarters of the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  •  participation and presence of student Hassan Saad Thajil as a volunteer in (medicine with an engineering eye)
  •  the presence of student Hassan Saad Thajil in the exhibition (Nkdar manufactured in Iraq) at the cultural center in Mutanabi Street and the projects of Biomedical engineering students 
  •  Attendance of student Hassan Saad Thajil at the forum (engineering) in the building of the station in the presence of cadre and students and graduates of medical life at all universities in Baghdad
  •  Attend the student Hassan Saad Thajil medical seminar for the team (IFMSA) in the Faculty of Medicine of Canada, which dealt with the subject (PHC)
  • The participation of the student Lian Namir and Dania Saad in the medical conference with engineering eyes

Activities of the student Liyan Namir Ali - stage IV: -


  • Participated in the competition, which was a competition between five Iraqi universities (University of Baghdad, Nahrain University, Technological University, and the Southern Technical University in Basra) for entrepreneurship, where he participated in nearly 300 university students, and included training for beginners and then the participants were liquidated and the selection of 100 students to be Part of the advanced training which was for 3 days at the University of wisdom. Project ideas were presented by the students and voting on them and forming teams from inside the universities to work on these ideas and presented them to the judges on the third day. The third day was in two parts. The first was the presentation of the projects before the contestants and the vote on the top 10 projects to be later recorded in the second part. It is ranked fourth out of the top five projects.
  • I participated in the Hult Prize UOT 2019, a competition for innovative solutions to various global problems. The subject of the competition was unemployment and 10,000 jobs within 10 years to solve this problem. Participated in the competition on the territory of the University of Technology as part of the Social Events team and included organizing and arranging the training offered to the participants in the competition inside and outside the university in addition to participating in the arbitration day which was inside the university where the selection and arbitration of the best projects by a panel of referees
  •     She participated in a program called the Youth Initiative Program: Business Development Module
  • A group of young people were selected to participate in this program which included 8 training workshops on the development of emerging projects and how to plan and study the market for the success of the project. This program was for a period of 5 months and ended with the selection of the best 3 projects out of 11.


 Activities of Fatima Hussein Hantoush - stage 4:


  • Participation in the course of brands presented by Zain Iraq in the University of Teknologia dealt with the design of the brand and how to market.
  • Volunteer within the social events team at the Hultprize 2019
  • Participation in the Mentor101_v3 initiative in Aschmar and time management within TLTD project initiatives.
  • Participation in the Stevens program of cultural exchange between the University of Bolstead in America and the Iraqi universities within the category of STEM & BUSINESS.
  • Participation in the initiative of 1MACODERS million Arab programmer in the match of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum teaching a million Arabic programming language in a simple and detailed.
  • Participate in the training program (step 2) within the initiatives of the Riyadh Group in the field of youth and alumni support.
  • International Driving License (ICDL) - ICDL (International Driving License) - Basic Skills offered by Specto and Learning Achievement Platform.
  • She has a degree in "Teamwork Skills, Leadership Skills" from the Queen Rania Foundation.
  • She is a graduate of the Queen Rania Foundation.


Student Activities Ibrahim Abdulrahman -Stage 4:

• Participation in: A donation campaign in the department to support Orphan International Day

• Participated in: Presenting a lecture in the MEMS desgin laboratory on fabrication emg sensor

• Share: Under Logistics team at hult prize

• Participated in: the University's exhibition of scientific findings

• Participate in the exhibition of projects of the department and obtain the third place

• Participate in: as a team participating in the hult prize and obtain a certificate of participation

• Participation in: Conference on Drug Risk

• Contributing to the establishment of a festival for the teacher's day and honor of teaching the section was organized by the student Hassan Saad and Amir Ali and some of the students of the Department

  • • Participation in: attending the exhibition of medical devices at the University of Nahrain

  • Attend a symposium entitled the positives of the work of the life medicine engineer that was established at the university

  • Participated in: Festival of the child on two consecutive years held at the university theater

  • Participation in: University Debate Program held for the first time in Iraq, especially at the University of Technology and obtaining a certificate of participation

  • Participation in: Lecture on the preparation and manufacture of artificial skin in the presence of teaching department  A lecture about the "miracle of the Qur'an" and proving that the speed of the angels is equal to the speed of light

  • Attend the second and third life medicine conference held at Zeus Hall in the Engineers Syndicate

  •  Participated in: Scientific travel to the center of the legacy of Derman industrial

  •  Participation in the victory day held at the university theater

  • Participation in the Day of the University of Arts and Painting in 2016 A scientific lecture on mathematical derivations and equations related to the aviation principle of birds Introducing a lecture to the students of the first stage and holding a celebration in the new academic year

 Activities of the Student Sports Section for the academic year 2018-2019:

1- The five-team football team of the University of Technology, represented by the team of the Department of Life Medicine Engineering under the supervision of coach Ali Ghanem on the counterpart of the football team of the students of the College of Israa two goals for the benefit of technology in the presence of the distinguished president of the university and the head of the respected department and teaching staff. University of the two teams gold medals and handing the trophy to the two teams and the honor of a number of attendees from the Department of Medical Biology.


2- The activities of the five-star championship were held at the University of Technology, which was held under the patronage of Dr. Amin Dway Thamer, President of the University of Technology, with the victory of the medical engineering team in the fifth football championship for the students and their first place in the university. Dr.wisam k.hamdan  and the coordinator of sports activities in the department Mr. Ali Ghanem and a number of students of the department to encourage the team section,

The President praised the spirit of the participating teams and the representative representation of their departments, stressing the continuation of the university to support student activity and urged students to practice.


3 - The team won the Department of basketball in our department championship basketball league where the team swept the team engineering communications department with 21 goals against 8 goals ..



4 - Honoring the football team to conclude the friendly match between his request for the first phase of the morning and evening studies in the presence of the head of the department, Professor Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan.

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