Wednesday, 17 May 2023 06:21

The Department held a workshop on how to apply the Bologna track in education

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Under the guidance of the Head of the of Biomedical Engineering Department , Prof. Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, the Department  held a workshop on how to apply the Bologna track

in education for the academic year 2023-2024, at Al-Quds Hall in the department.
The scientific assistant, Ph.Dr. Hussein Jamil Mutashar, and in the presence of the heads of the branches, the teachers and the employees of the department
The workshop dealt with the foundations of the Bologna track, how to implement it, adhere to it, and apply it during the next academic year 2024.

Higher education systems are essential to the development of all sectors of a country's economy. In Iraq, it is necessary to raise education standards and better match academia with the needs of the labor market. In this conference, the different dimensions of the modernization and development of higher education systems in Iraqi universities were explored.

The student must be given a major role in this improvement process. The Bologna Project is an intergovernmental process aimed at improving higher education, which to date involves 49 European countries and a number of European organizations. The Bologna project provides a platform for students to engage in the development of their studies. It makes qualifications in higher education similar in their certificates and the information available in them, and facilitates the path of comparison in university degrees in the European Union countries, and enables the adoption of similar standards in quality and helps higher education in student employment and global competition.

The goal of working in the Bologna project means working actively to improve the education system with the status of the student and consolidate the reputation of universities and the Iraqi educational system internationally and improve the quality of education and reduce the gap between the education sector and the labor market and design new curricula that meet the needs of the market and provide job opportunities for graduates and learning may be centered around the student with The feature of international cooperation and the movement of students between universities and countries that adopt the Bologna process and the establishment of a system of credits such as the European system for the transfer of credits facilitates the process of transferring students between universities. We believe that students should be given a major role in contributing to fundamental changes and the future of their society and country.