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A lecture entitled "Occupational Safety in Laboratories"

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The biomedical engineering department hold a lecture entitled "Occupational Safety in Laboratories"

The Department  held an awareness lecture for the students and employees of the department, which was delivered by Ph.Dr. Enas Saad and the Asst.Lect . Farah Hashem

At Al-Quds Hall in the presence of students and department staff

The lecture included a definition of the risks (biological and chemical) present in laboratories, so students need to understand the risks of these materials, methods of work and personal safety in the laboratory.

The good management of work in laboratories is the sure guarantee for the safety of working conditions, and this management always requires the cleaning of any scattered chemical substance, the disposal of the remnants of broken glass, and the rearrangement of all packages and devices upon completion of use. The lecture also clarified safety precautions from the dangers of chemicals and biological pollutants. At the end of the lecture, the lecturers explained through their presentation of safety and security symbols in laboratories, and what is the first aid for wounds and burns if the laboratory was exposed to them.