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The head of the Biomedical Engineering Department welcomes the first-stage students for the academic year 2022-2023

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A festive atmosphere in the Biomedical Engineering halls. under the auspices of the head of department  Prof. Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, organized a group of volunteer students to celebrate the start of the new academic year.

For first-stage students for the academic year 2022-2023, where the President of Life Medicine Engineering welcomed the new students and urged them to persevere and be serious, as well as adhere to the laws and instructions in force, and consider the university as their second home

During which the department was identified, its courses, laboratories, and other academic and scientific matters, and the students were also introduced to the university laws that the student must abide by.

It also concluded by emphasizing the need to commit to persevering with excellence and diligence to complete the education process in a manner commensurate with the appropriate level for this lofty profession to serve the community  and the nation.




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