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The General Authority of the Biomedical Engineering Department was held on Sunday, 5/6, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. wisam kazim hamdan And the presence of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Amin Douai thamir, through which he made recommendations and guidance on preparing for the final exams for the second semester as he listened to the masters of the teachers and their questions and observations. Also reviewed the most important achievements of the Department for the current academic year by the President of the respected section and then Discuss the preparations for the final examinations and the recommendations.

Students of the Bio Medical Engineering Department for the academic year 2017/2018
Based on the principle of the use of modern methods in teaching and learning, including learning on the basis of problem. The second phase of the seminar presented a seminar on the use of biological materials in solving many of the health and biological problems. Ph.Dr.Jinan Star Khashan>



Projects of engineering students of Biomedical engineering department #

The student project Younis Mohammed / third stage
The idea of the project is to control electronically through the nerves of the brain with a prosthesis or an artificial limb using an EEG sensor in which the nerve signal is converted to electrical and then controlled through an electronic controller. The project will be developed in the future to become practical
A short video was added in which a number of radiant LEDs were controlled electronically via an EEG sensor
We wish him more ...

Monday, 07 May 2018 18:56


Prof. Dr. Karim Hussein Jawad
Obtained a patent entitled (a new method for the preparation and characterization of nanoparticle silicon nanoparticles and the study of their medical applications)
We wish him success and further progress and progress ..

Prof. Dr. Raed Saleh Jawad Teaching in our department gets the golden medal after his participation in two patents at the patent conference which was held in the Industrial Research and Development Authority of the Ministry of Industry in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Planning Minister and Chairman of the Iraqi Investment Authority and the President of the University of Technology. Dr.Marwan Nafi Ali ..
Our wishes for more giving and progress .


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