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Department activities 2017


visit to Central Teaching Hospital

The biomedical engineering department staff and student with support of Head of department organized a visit to Central Teaching Hospital
The aim of visiting is to see the child who has cancer also supporting and rising the morals of these children. The visiting include some gifts and toys to the patients
From other side the hospital’s doctors and staff appreciate this kind of humanity activities and consider it as important visit among other universities.


Study the effect of polymeric material for the walls of the concrete

Study the effect of polymeric material for the walls of the concrete
Within the activities of the cultural season for the second semester of the Biomedical Engineering Department, Dr. Jamal Mohamed presents lecture on "study the effect of polymeric material for the walls of the concrete for the damping x-ray diagnostic" which was hold on Al-quds hall at biomedical engineering Department with the presence the faculty and student of the department on Tuesday, 14/3/2017.


the president of the University of Technology has been opened the market for charitable for the Biomedical Engineering Department

the president of the University of Technology has been opened the market for charitable for the Biomedical Engineering Department
The Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamir the president of the University of Technology has been opened the market to support the orphans of Iraq on Tuesday, 14/03/2017 by the Biomedical engineering Department in the presence of the Head of Department Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan and a some Staff and students of Department.
The head of the university said that the opening of the charity market exhibition to support the orphans of Iraq is one of the things that are based on our principles and our ethics in the humanitarian aspects of the whole and is not new to the University of Technology to hold such exhibitions to promote a culture of support for the poor class and orphans, and we are serious on the support of all part of society that need to be give a help.
And the head of the Biomedical Engineering Department Dr. wisam Kazem Hamdan said the annual activities of department is establishment market charity to support orphans with the participation of Faculty and students, explaining that the market included a number of parts, including various books and materials that made by hand and house tools. Stressing that the market has to goals the first goals is allow the student participation in the activity of a humanitarian charity in addition of employees and the second goal is to support and the laying of a smile to the orphans of Iraq, also the Head of Department, thanking all employees and shareholders in the success of this festival.
And the festival will stay in seven days as a charity market, and the profit of this market completely goes to private organizations that support orphans which registered with the Iraqi government



team of Biomedical Engineering Department visited the University of Technology
A team of  Biomedical Engineering Department  visited the University of Technology, containing all of the prof PhD. Marwan Ali Nafie, head of medical devices  branch and PhD. awfa abdulRasoul Head of laboratories and official Msc.enas Saad and eng.marwa Jamal Mohammed Al-nahrin University of  which falls on Thursday 13/03/2017 for their open cooperation with the Department of Industrial and parties supporting the university laboratories and the  mechanical Department  . for the purpose of talking about the principle of mutual cooperation between universities and agreed on some key items of mutual such as media between the two sections of scientific activities and the possibility of joint supervision of Studies and cooperation students in the field of research teams between the two sections and the possibility of setting up training courses, visit laboratories and workshops pertaining to the department was available on existing hardware and teaching aidsThe team met with Mr. Administrative Assistant to the al-nahrin university PhD(ayad sadon)President for Administrative Affairs of expressed their willingness to cooperate in the areas mentioned categorized





trees campaign

Sponsored by Biomedical Engineering Department head Dr. wisam Kazim Hamdan , in cooperation with the municipality of Karrada section campaign to reorganize the section gardens and planted Palm shoots and flowers on this occasion headed the Presidency and   Biomedical engineering cadre thanks and gratitude to the Karrada municipality and head of Karrada municipality Director Associate Professor Mahmoud Aziz Jabbar offers our commend thanked waltkodirtthmina for their wish them more shine and tender.





Solidarity with the stance of the security forces and the popular crowd

Technological University organized a joint stance with security forces and the popular crowd in the confrontation against Al ISIS where students and professors rallied in the presence head of university  Prof  dr. Amen Dawie THAMER Esquire as well as attend head of Department Professor Dr wiSam Kazim Hamdan Esquire and the participation of all sections of the technological University with gentlemen, Department heads and professors and their associates in the pause of solidarity as an expression of support for the armed forces so that this stance was a response to the desire of the President of the need to support the security forces and the sons of the Legion in the week of solidarity, University Always supportive of the security forces and heroes of the popular crowd and this is not the first pose by the University but have had several stops to support security forces where the headstand is to confirm the solidarity and spirit of patriotism among professors, students and employees in University of technology with our brothers and colleagues in the popular crowd and support them in achieving more victories



Technological University Honors ishraq Mohamed of Biomedical  engineering on mother's day

  Sponsored by the President of the University of technology Dr Amin Dawie thamr  mother's Day A celebration ceremony on the Hall coefficient and training centre on Monday fell on March 29, 2017 where the generosity of Mr mechanical Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Moayed Razoki Hasan head of Department supporter  (israq mohammed) of Biomedical Engineering Department . A celebration attended the Biomedical engineering department head Dr.wisam kazim hamdan Esquire; and a number of Heads of departments and managers.






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