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The Ministerial Committee visited the laboratory

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The Ministerial Committee visited the laboratory quality rating forms Audit Department 27-1-2019 on Thursday with representative audit Ministerial Committee for laboratory quality rating forms for the academic year 2017-2018. Dr. Hassan Naif and accompanied Mr Committee Chairman  DR.Wissam Kadhim  Hamdan and scientific associate Dr, Jinan star khashan and laboratory Division administrator Dr. Abdul Rasul and fuller quality assurance Division and University performance in section LLC. Mohamed DIA and laboratory staff and access to the files and priorities, audit, and evaluation department labs.  Where member satisfaction with specialized laboratories serving 3.2 output section. Which is the result hurt in creating my medicine engineers are able to keep up with the merits of the profession. He also referred to the need to focus for graduates on the vision and objectives for each laboratory, which outlines a plan for future section, being characteristic for graduates of our Department in particular and other departments in the University of technology.    And look at the context of the work of the Department and laboratory officials explain the basics work. She thanked the efforts of the section during his meeting.


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