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Marwan Nafie Ali Arbilei

Biomedical Engineering Department

Asst. Prof. Dr.

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Marwan Arbilei earned His PhD in Materials Engineering for the Department of Materials Engineering- University of Technology, Baghdad - Iraq in 2014. Dr. Marwan had a BSc and MSc in Metallurgical Engineering in 1997 and 2000 Respectively. He finished his PhD theses with a fund from TWAS Organization, Italy. In the field of Biomedical Applications of Ferro Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys. He enrolled as an academic teaching staff member at the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy science 2002. In 2015 he involved to be a chief of Biomedical Instruments at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

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PhD, Materials Engineering, University of Technology, 2014.

MSc, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Technology, 2000.

BSc, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Technology, 1997

Materials Engineering, Materials, Smart materials, Materials Biomedical Applications

1- “Design and Materials Selection of Shafts by means of computer” (BSc Project)
2- “Effect of Boronizing on Fatigue properties of Steels” (MSc Thesis)
3- “Improvement of MSMA Co Ni AL to be used in Bio Medical Applications (PhD thesis)
4- “Bio and Mechanical Evaluation of an Enhanced Bio Glass”, Engineering &Technology Journal, university of Technology, Baghdad- Iraq, January 2018
5- “Composition Design Modeling and Experimental Verification of (Co Ni Al) Shape Memory Alloys”, Engineering &Technology Journal, university of Technology, Baghdad- Iraq, January 2018
6- “Predicting of Mechanical and Wear Properties of 6026 Aluminum Alloy waste to be used in prosthetics limbs”, Accepted to be published in AIP-CP Special Volume, AIP Account #38019
7- “Evaluation of X-Ray Radiation Shielding of Concrete Walls Produced from Portland Cement with Two Polymeric Additives”, MEJASD 2018
8- “Liquid Nitriding of Stainless Steel 316L to Improve Fatigue Properties for Orthopedic Screws”, NJES, 2018
9- “Effect of Shot Peening on Corrosion and Fatigue Properties of (CK45) Steel”, under publishing at Al Khawarzmi Engineering Journal

Data Communication

1- Materials Science, Undergraduate Study.

2- Bio materials and Advanced Bio materials, Undergraduate Study.

3- Metallurgical Computer Application Post & Undergraduate.

4- Medical Instruments, Undergraduate Study.

5- Surgery for Engineers. Undergraduate Study.

6- Introduction to Biomedical Engineering.

7- Programming and Computer Engineering.

1- English Language Certificate University of Baghdad – Iraq 1997

2- English Translating and Conversation Certificate Al Mustanseria Colleague 2000

3- Computer Certificate (MS Office, AutoCAD, Operating System) University of Technology 1997 2005

4- Educational Certificate University of Technology – Continuous Learning Center 2005

5- Visual Basic Programming University of Technology - Computer Center 2005

6- TOFEL Certificate TOFEL 2009

7- Participating Certificate COMSOL Training Course DAAD Organization 2010

8- Award for Training and Research TWAS Organization 2013

9- Participating Certificate DAZY LAB Training Course. DAAD Organization 2013

10- Participating Certificate in PBL Course 2015