Biomedical Engineering department

Biomedical Engineering department   

On April 2016\2\4,the biomedical engineering department held the first scientific symposium sponsored by the President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Ameen Dowai Thameer, this symposium title of  (The Biomedical Engineering and its future prospects) , at the conference room Control and Systems Engineering department, during this event.
  The below lectures were presented :

 1. Biomedical Engineering between the past, present and future lecturer bio :Dr.Yasser Redha Hussain / Baghdad University - Faculty of Dentistry
 2- The role of shape memory alloys in orthopedic surgery  lecturer bio :Dr. Muthna Abdul kadhim / Ministry of Health - Sheikh Zaid Hospital
 3- Upper Limb Prosthesis Design and control lecturer bio :.Dr. Ali Hussein Ali / Khwarizmi faculty for Engineering - Department of Biomedical engineering.
 4.The recent scientific applications for Biomedical devices lecturer bio-engineer Mohamed Usam / Bareeq Alujain company
                                                                                                 Engineer Sam Yasin /Bareeq Alujain company


 The Ministries of Health and the Environment  in the symposium representatives ,namely "Mr. Brigade Laibib and Dr. Abood al-Lami" in addition to the large number of attendance who are interested in the field of medical engineering.
 The symposium started by reading of Ayat of the Holy Quran, then national the university anthems. After that  the President of the University speech in which he welcomed the participants and then confirm that the biomedical engineering is an important scientific field that can positively impact the people life

the President of the university hoped the successful for the department staff and the preparation committee of this symposium ,then the head of department mentioned that the common know about this department is to manufacture and maintain the medical devices . while the main purpose is to go further towards managing the hospitals and organization which are related of production the biomedical replacement system and biomaterial part  for human body, such as artificial heart, kidney, joints and adding the fourth dimension to the three-way printing machine .3D Printing machine of forming the bio-bones.




A. Increase the cooperation with ministry of health in the fields of:

 1.Solve the problems that related to the medical devices, bio-oranges and artificial parts.

 2.Coordinate the summer training for the students.

 3.Install learning lab supported by the staff from the ministry of health.

B. Hold seminars to help discuss the problems that face the biomedical engineering who are employs in the ministry of health.

C. Cooperate with the ministry of industry-general institution for industrial research and development to encourage the industrial projects for medical purposes.

D. Make open relationship with the official and unofficial organizations which are interesting in the field of biomedical.

E.  Consider the recommendations and suggestions made by the attendance.


At the end of this symposium , the attendance awarded the acknowledgement plaques and certificates by the president of university and the head of biomedical department.

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