Computer Lab

    • Computer Lab 1.


    The computer lab was established in the department in 2016 with 8 desk-type computers to accommodate eight student groups, each group consisting of three students, where the laboratory is taught as part of a training course for the programming subject for the first phase, where the student is trained on: Learn about the parts and components of the calculator. Dealing with the operating system (windows operating system) Dealing with some office programs such as (word, excel, and power point) Qualifying the student to deal with programming languages ​​(visual basic, c ++, etc) In the year 2017, computers were replaced with updated ones commensurate with the nature of the practical materials that the student studies in the laboratory.


    Computer Lab 2.

    in the department offers an integrated set of computer programs where the student understands all the basic concepts of these programs and how to work on them and apply their studies through these programs where the life medicine student can design artificial limbs through a design program through the computer as well as can program medical devices. Student on:


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