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Speech of the President of the University in the induction ceremony for the first stage students

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By supported of the President of the University (Prof. Dr. Amin Douai Thamer Tamimi), and Head of BioMedical Engineering Department Dr. Wisam Kazem Hamdan and the presence of a number of staff of the Department, in Wednesday 29/11/2017 and on a hall in the Building and Construction Engineering Department.

   The event began with a speech by the President of the University about the new academic year and with the continuation of the series of victories achieved by our brave army and the crowd forces as they defend the land of Iraq, so we start our new academic year and hope to achieve our goals in achieving the desired scientific achievement and under The circumstances experienced faced the country, the success achieved in science is clear evidence of the mindset scientific superiority in the process of creation and creativity, which required from us to participate and through the seats of science and lesson to whet the momentum to move forward in the fields of research and knowledge to build Scientific edifice with a blend the victory in the fields of battlefield. Then the students introduce themselves and their hobbies, and respond to questions from their colleagues in an atmosphere happiness and joy.


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