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Discussion of a graduation project entitled "Design and Modification of the Bacterial Incubator for the Laboratory"

Under the supervision of Ph. Dr. Enas Saad Mahmoud

Students names
Abdullah Akram
Karar Haider
Shinar Hassan
Mubarak Saleh

Discussion Committee

Ph. Dr. Saad Mahmoud Ali
Ph.Dr. Zahraa Mohamed Abdel Hassan

Asst.lect. Alaa Hussein Younes


A microbiological culture or cell culture incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures.The incubator maintains an optimal temperature, humidity, and other conditions such as CO2 and oxygen content of the interior atmosphere. Incubators are used to culture both bacterial and eukaryotic cells and are essential for much experimental work in cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology.



Each of the fifth stage students, whose names are attached below, discussed a graduation project entitled ((Patient Monitoring from Home)).

Students names:-
1- Wafaa Hassan Ali
2- Aisha Karim Ali
3- Taher Falah Abed Aoun

Supervisor name
Ph.Dr. Ziad Qassem Habib

Discussion Committee
Prof.Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan
Ph.Dr. Zahraa Mohamed Abdel Hussein
Asst.Lect. Atheer audience

About the project:-

Where the research dealt with the use of a factory sensor to measure the patient’s temperature, heart rate, electrocardiogram, room temperature and room humidity. The patient can monitor them.