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Based on Paragraph (Second) of Article (2) of the Student Discipline Instructions at the Higher Education and Scientific Research Institution No. 160 of 2007, which states:

(The student shall be punished with a warning if he offends the fellowship relations between students or transgresses his words against one of the students) and in reference to the approval of the department head on 4/28/22 on the minutes of the Student Discipline Committee

Accordingly, it was decided (to issue a warning penalty to the student Hussein Yassin Youssef - the first stage - the evening study).


Wednesday, 15 June 2022 14:55

Student fails in the final exam

According to the directives of the esteemed head of the department, Professor Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan,according to decision (20) of the Exam Instructions No. 134 of 2000 Watch states (If the student proves or attempts to cheat in the exams, he is considered a failure in all the subjects that repeat the year and if this is repeated, he will be separated From the institute or college, and they are bound by a certificate) and it is decided upon

The student (Hussain Shaker Ahmed Haider) failed - the fifth stage - the Bioinstruments branch in the morning study, after it was proven cheating in the final exams in the medical sensors.

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