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 Muhammad Barzan Hussein student's at the  Fifth Stage in the Medical  instrumentation Branch published a research in 'RESEARCH GATE'

Entitled "Biomedical Application Of Smart Mesoporous Ceramic Material"

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Where the research dealt with the use of ceramics in the field of biomedical engineering, including orthodontics of orthopedic plates
Bone replacement, bone tissue repair, filling of voids and tissue bonding, replacement of vertebrae that were removed by surgery, and regeneration of bone tissue, wishing him more success and excellence.



Asst.lec. Amen A. Khabeer published research in international  journal Tittled 

"The Vital Role of Cloud Healthcare During COVID-19 Pandemic"

The most sharable tag on social media was “stay at home”. Where, the governments  oblige  their  residents  from  physical  meeting  or  traveling instead of this they have to stay at their home for controlling the wide speared of The novel Corina Virus (COIVD-19). Hence, many lives are being  saved.  Here,  Cloud  Computing  act  as  a  game  changer  in  many institutions    and    countries    demand    particularly    to    healthcare organizations. This Paper will review cloud health applications such as Telehealth,    Telemedicine    supporting    with    mobile    cloud    health applications. And the important role of sharable the cloud informatics in health. Then it focuses on the role of cloud played in health care sector to saving life’s during COIVED -19. Not only for people who have been infected but also for assisting other older people to get their treatment. Some  concerns  are  existing  to  discuss  related  with  security,  outages, privacy  and  monitoring  issues  or  when  matter  went  wrong  during  the Telemedicine appointment with suggested solution for future matters.

A number of the teaching staff issued a book entitled “The Interference of Chemical Corrosion with Fatigue” by Prof. Dr. Ali Youssef Khuniab, Asst.lect. Asaad Khudhair Hamza, the teacher in our department, Prof. Dr. Raad Mohamed Obaid, and Prof. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim
and Prof. Dr. Hussein Jassim Muhammad.
The book consists of four chapters and the number of pages of the book is (305)...
Chapter one: It includes the interaction of chemical with fatigue in metals, especially aluminum alloys, mostly used in the aircraft industry, and gives a practical idea of ​​the extent to which chemical corrosion affects the resistance and lifespan of fatigue.
The second chapter: includes methods for improving the surfaces of metals subjected to the interference of chemical erosion, and these methods include lamination by pellets, ultrasound and

Chapter Three: It includes the accumulation of fatigue when the chemical fatigue wears overlap and the extent of the effect of the chemical corrosion of surfaces on the resistance and lifespan of the cumulative fatigue.
The fourth chapter: includes the use of nanotechnology (adding nanomaterials) to alloys subject to chemical corrosion corrosion and the impact of improving the fatigue specifications at this interference, wishing them more success and prosperitylaser technology.

 Biomedical Engineering Department's students  at the University of Technology participated in the University Health Day initiative sponsored by

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, President of the University of Technology in preparing public environment projects, which was held in the Civil Engineering Department, where the department’s students participated in six projects




Due to the high performance of the  university of technology and the participation of the  biomedical engineering department’s students in the Scientific Innovations Exhibition for the year 2021-2022,

Maryam Hazem Jassam Awwad, a student in the Medical Devices Branch, was dispatched under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports  Delegating to the UAE to participate in the Dubai Expo for the period 26-3 to 1-4, wishing her more success Diligence and Excellence

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