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Lecturer Dr.Hussien jameel mutasher was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the  Biomedical Engineering department  at the University of Technology.

Jenan S. Kashan, Professor in Biomedical engineering department  Published research on the manufacture of a nanocompatible material consisting of high-density polyethylene, hydroxy upbit and multi-walled carbon nanotubes as an alternative and restored material for natural bone in cases of disease and complex fractures, the research dealt with radiation tests using XRD, SEM and AFM to study the exact structure, bonds and whims.


Dr. Jinan Star Khashan, Professor in  the Biomedical engineering department, received Certificate of participation  in the virtual scientific lecture held by the Center for Multimedia and Electronic Education at the University of Technology under the supervision of lecturer Dr. Amer Salim Al Amir- Coordinator of the Ministerial Team of E-Education on Higher Education Policy in E-Education.