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Tuesday, 29 June 2021 18:15

Scientific visit

As part of the scientific events held in our department on the occasion of the day of the profession, the School of Excellence for Boys organized a scientific visit to the students of preparatory study to the department of engineering of life medicine with the heads of branches and gentlemen teachers and the official of the division of laboratories to get acquainted with the scientific department and its branches and tour within its corridors and get to know its laboratories and the equipment available in it to see the latest and most important biological and medical techniques used in hospitals and medical centers and to work in it where the visit included receiving students by the chairman of the department Professor Dr. Sa and medical technologies used in hospitals and medical centers and work in it where the visit included receiving students by the respected

head of the department Professor Dr.  Wisam  Kazem Hamdan and each of the heads of branches and the responsibility of the laboratory division where the head of the department welcomed visiting students and encouraged them to the promising future of the engineer of life medicine in the community and its active role in the health sector, especially after the outbreak of the series of fires in hospitals as well as the outbreak of the pandemic where it is clear here the effective role of the graduate of our department to avoid these human coraths.

The students visited each of the laboratories of the medical department such as the laboratory of medical devices and learned about the medical techniques used to summarize medical materials harmless to a human being and the staff in charge of laboratories provided an overview of the devices and ways of using them and got acquainted with the laboratory of medical devices as well as the laboratory of anatomy and in which they looked at the living slide of a nervous cell and heart cell and thus the visit achieved the maximum cognitive benefit by watching realistically in conjunction with their curriculum for biology and tissues consisting of human organs and then visited the dear students laboratory Electronic and its electronic electrical devices. This visit is part of the department's scientific visits program to enable students to link the information provided to them during preparatory study to the practical reality of the university. At the end of the visit, The Head of the Department thanked all those who were responsible for this scientific event and took a group photo of the head of the official sponsor section of the visit with the Principal of the School of Excellence and the educational staff accompanying the students, wishing them permanent excellence as our department requested, wishing them success.




Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, the university held a party at the University of Technology in the first place on the universities in the British Times classification in the continent of Asia. The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, honored the assistant lecturer Ameen adnan  faculty and university employees with a letter of thanks  and appreciation on this occasion.




Within the scientific activities of the students of our department, the student, Mustafa Laibi Maddah, a student in the third stage, the Medical instrumentation Branch, obtained the German Board Certificate. In our meeting with him, he stressed the importance of providing the student with academic qualifications, enriching his knowledge treasury and achieving the desired goal. Conditions for pictures and educational advancement
Where the current situation as a result of the new covid 19 virus in the current situation opened new horizons for him to acquire knowledge and urged the distinguished student to persevere for more. He urged the rest of the students to follow suit.
We wish him success and a prosperous future.