Wednesday, 27 January 2021 16:54

The International Day of Education and Learning

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 i am pleased on the occasion of The International Day of Education and Learning, which falls on 24 January 2021, to offer you our thanks and appreciation for your sincere role in useful education, knowledge and your infinite gifts to our students. This year's celebration of this day is different from previous years, where we have a great responsibility to accommodate the critical and sensitive phase and the challenges of terrorism and the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, which disrupted life and affected the economy and the living aspect, which negatively affected the psychology and behaviors of society. You may agree with me that we no longer have a choice but to take the reasons for science and technology to promote the homeland and to start to the horizons of the future and here the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is currently seeking to emphasize the excellence of universities through their curricula to suit the needs of the labor market, by developing education in accordance with the requirements of modern technology, and integrating the disciplines with the curricula of education in Iraqi universities, ...

Dr.Wisam kathim hamdan 

the Head of biomedical engineering department