Saturday, 15 February 2020 15:53

scientific trip for the department's students to Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital

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The  Biomedical Engineering Department , under the supervision of the Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, in cooperation with the Canadian Teaching Hospital, organized a scientific visit to the hospital departments to review the available medical devices, where the visit was organized under the supervision of the Head of the instruments  Medical Devices Branch Asst.Prof.Dr.Marwan Nafie Ali , Asst.Lecture  Eng. Haider Raad Hafez and each of the professors accompanying the students: Dr. Muayyad Abbas and Eng. Marwa Jamal, Eng. Asma Salim Zamil,

Where the visit included starting from the department and transporting them with a car provided from the campus of the University of Technology, students were received by a group of biomedical engineers, medical devices, technicians and technicians, and they were received by a senior engineer, Muhammad Samir Kazim / Head of the Medical Devices Division and  Eng. Alaa Biomedical engineer>

1- Hemodialysis / Kidney Diseases department was directly informed about the mechanism of work of the devices and possible malfunctions, as well as the best ways to develop the work of these devices and how to deal well with medical devices and what are the types of these devices and their origins.


2- Medical Imaging / Radiology, Bypass, and Resonance Department briefed the students about the mechanism of working the devices in detail so that the student can link the practical information with the scientific aspects so that he can develop these devices in the future

3- Operations department / devices for routing, healing, surgical, endoscopy, etc. Where the presence of students inside the operation hall raises several questions, we can study the correct scientific ways to solve them in the future.