Sunday, 01 January 2023 14:23

"Haider Khaled Duair"obtained a patent entitled "Smart Oxygen Regulator"

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The student "Haider Khaled Duair" from the BioMedical Engineering Department  obtained a patent from the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control, entitled "Smart Oxygen Regulator"

Where the device operates the flow of oxygen from oxygen cylinders or oxygen generators as well as the central medical gas system in hospitals to the patient “automatically”, as it gives the patient oxygen as needed automatically and automatically shuts off the oxygen flow when the oxygen level in the blood reaches 95% or more , without the need for human intervention, it also turns off automatically when the patient leaves the oxygen source, and displays the percentage of the oxygen level in the blood and the amount of oxygen flowing to the patient.

And therefore
? Protecting the patient from oxygen poisoning
? Reducing hospital fires
? Reducing human effort
? Reducing the waste of oxygen gas