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Inas Saad Mohammed Jasem

BioMedical Engineering Department

Lecturer Ph.D

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.


Scientific Experience:

1- Scientific experience in microbiology and molecular material three years which include two masters.

2- Scientific and practical devices I have experience working on it:-

a. Polymerace Chain Reaction (PCR).

b. Gel electrophoresis.

c. Light microscope.

d. Microfuge.

e. Vortex.

f. Incubeter.

g. Autocleave.

.Specialization and General Flour:

1-General Flour: Biology.*

2-Specialization Flour: Microbiology.*

.Any Activities:

a. Assigned the task of overseeing the Central final exam for university students of Imam Sadeq in the computer science Department of the first and second floors to 2013.

b. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Centre on 3/5/2013.

c. Assigned the task of corporal anniversary ceremony of the Centre on 20/5/2013.

d. Participate in events on university day on 22/4/2013 and cost to complete all the posters for the laboratory, research and pilot project.

e. She ran as a member of the Committee of honor of the first scientific Conference of the Centre and the subject "environment and sustainable development" for the period 29-30/12/2013.

f. Participated in several workshops and worked a number of folders for 2013.

g. Assigned to the Group supervisor of the scientific instruments in the exhibition of scientific instruments at the sidelines of the opening of the new production engineering and metals on Monday, 10/2/2014.



h. Assigned to membership in the workshop with the Ministry of environment in Environmental Research Centre in the green room on Wednesday, 24/12/2014.

i. Assigned the task of observers at the equanimity exam for university students of Imam Sadeq in the department of computer science on 1/6/2015.

j. Working with many of the environmental impact and the various directions including (1 gray and 44 white list).

k. Work with consultation office to examine water samples.

l. Member of the Technical Committee and Committee on scientific activity and Support Committee in the second scientific conference subject "environment and sustainable development.

m. Assigned as rapporteur, Department of biomedical engineering for 2015-2016

n. Rapporteur Branch for Bio-mechanics branch for 2015-2016.

o. Member of the Scientific Committee for Bio- mechanics branch for 2015-2016.

p. Member of the examination Committee of the Department of Biomedical Engineering for the years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.



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M.Sc., Science for wommen , 2012.

B.Sc.University of Baghdad , Ibn al-Haytham , 2003-2004.


My research focus mainly on Biology, Microbiology


1- Tissue laboratory.

2- Physiology laboratory.

3- Microbiology laboratory (Bacteria diagnosis and isolation laboratory.


1- Book of appreciation from Minister of higher education and scientific research 8/860 on 22/5/2013 for scientific achievement and cognitive achievements of the University.

2- Appreciation certificate from Prof. Amin dawai thamer (President of the University of Technology) of active participation and excellence in environment and sustainable from 29-30/12/2013

3- Acknowledgement and appreciation of Prof. Riad Hassan Al-anbari (head of the Department of building engineering and construction) of active participation and excellence in participation in the environment and sustainable development from 29-30/12/2013-161 b on 20/1/2014.

4- Appreciation certificate from Prof. Amin Dawai Thamer (President of the University of Technology) of active participation and excellence to the second scientific conference "environment and sustainable development", 28-29/10/2015.

5- I got my thanks and appreciation as a result of my participation in academic debates program in University of technology.

6- I got my certificate of participation in the tenth scientific conference in 2017 at the Faculty of medicine – University of Mesopotamia to my research subject: "Evaluation of molecular and serological methods for the diagnosis of brucellosis in human".

7- I got my third Scientific Conference discretionary certification in the College of veterinary medicine-University of Karbala in 2017 for my research subject: 'Epidemiological and Molecular study for Malta fever"