Quality Division

Quality assurance: a response to the challenges faced by universities increased attention to quality and accreditation applications under development efforts in all areas of the activities of universities, University system components vary, whether academic, educational, administrative, technical or research. Seeking life medicine engineering in University of technology to coordinate and follow up on all academic and administrative matters relating to college programs for accreditation, by putting the private system partition to ensure quality assurance and enhance the quality of scientific programmes in terms of developing systems To monitor and evaluate performance and identify opportunities and challenges and strengths and weaknesses (evaluation), providing improvement plans and identify implementation priorities (calendar) down to the quality of education in medicine in life which means the sum of the characteristics and features of the educational system and its ability to provide outstanding graduate meets and achieves Current and future needs and strategic aspirations for the recipient of the service (student and labor market and society), leading to accreditation. In this context, Technological University has adopted the concept of quality assurance and assured in all departments and administrations and aim March.