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          not found because the department was established in 2015-2016 

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      The syllabus of biomedical engineering department       Medical instruments devices   Bio mechanic

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          ∇Scedule for Bio medical Engineering Department 2020-2021∇   ∇E-Learning for Bio medical Engineering Department∇     G SUITE APPS The University of Technology provides email, create electronics Classroom, calendaring and events, site creation, and chat through Google Apps for Education. Google Apps @Uotechnology.edu.iq includes.         MORE G SUITE CORE APPLICATIONS FOR UOT FACULTY AND STUDENTS     To fill an electronic request for an official email address for Biomedical  Engineering Department   click here⇓ Explanatory video explains about Google classroom click here⇓     

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    Graduation Projects for the Academic Year 2019-2020

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    ⇒Completed Decrees in 2021 from 2021/1/2 TO 2021/1/29      

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First: Scientific Committee:-

1-Ph.D Marwan Nafeh Ali   head of committee

2-Ph.D. Jamal Mohammed Hamed   Member

3-Ph.D. Awfa Abdul Rassoul Abdullah   Member

4-Jahan Yahya Ribat   Rapporteur


Second: Summer Training commitee: -

1-Ph.D. Jamal Mohammed Hamed     head of committee

2- Assistant lecture .Thamir abood             Member

3-Dahia Mohammed Ali    Member

4-Ghafran Khalaf Ebadi   Member


Third: University Information & Website Committee: -

1-Assistant lecture Taqwa Udi Fahad   head of committee

2-Asma Salim Zamil  Member


Fourth: The Civil Defense Committee:

1 - Mohammed Jawamer Majeed   head of committee

2 - Mohammed Kassem Ali member  Member

3-Hossam Hussein Salem member  Member



Fifth: News Translation Committee:

1- Ph.D. Ziad Qassem  head of committee

2-Ph.D. mohammed Daoud Member
3 - Eng.Asma salim zamil Member

Sixth: Course Committee: -

1-Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan 
2- Ph.D. Marwan Nafie Ali member 
3-Ph.D.Jamal Mohammed Hamad Member
 4 -Ph.D.Hussein Jamil Mutashar Member 

Seventh: Committee of the laboratories of the Department: -

1-Ph.D. Awfa Abdul Rassoul Abdullah   Head of committe

2-Huda Fayyad    member

3-Dia Mohammed   member

4- Asmaa Salim     member

Eighth: The Governmental Program Committee:

1- Dr. Wisam Kazem Hamdan  Head of committe
2 -Ph.D. Jinan Star Khashan     Member

3- Ph.D. Karim Hussein Jawad    Member

4- Ph.D. Jamal Mohammed Hamad   Member

5 - Ph.D. Raed Jawad    member

6-Ph.D. Saba Tariq member

7. Dr. Ziad Qassem Member

7-Diaa Mohammed Abdul    member 






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12 February 2020
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