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  • Postgraduate

          . The first batch graduated from the Department of Biomedical Engineering 2019-2020, and the Graduate Division has not yet been develop

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      The syllabus of biomedical engineering department       Medical instruments devices   Bio mechanic

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  • Department E-Gate

          ∇Scedule for Bio medical Engineering Department 2020-2021∇ scedule - second semester 2020-2021      ∇E-Learning for Bio medical Engineering Department∇     G SUITE APPS The University of Technology provides email, create electronics Classroom, calendaring and events, site creation, and chat through Google Apps for Education. Google Apps @Uotechnology.edu.iq includes.         MORE G SUITE CORE APPLICATIONS FOR UOT FACULTY AND STUDENTS     To fill an electronic request for an official email address for Biomedical  Engineering Department   click here⇓ Explanatory video explains about Google classroom click here⇓     

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    Graduation Projects of Undergraduate Students

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    Completed Decrees    

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عن القسم الانكليزي

Department Presidency

  - Head of department

 Name:  Prof. Dr..Wisam Kadhim Hamdan

  - Deputy head for scientific affairs 

 Name :  Asst. Prof. Dr.Hussein J.Mutashar

  -Deputy head for administrative affairs

 Name : Asst. Prof. Dr. sabah saad mohammed


  - BioMechanics Branch

 Head of Branch  Asst. Prof. Dr.:saad mahmood ali


  - Medical instruments devices

 Head of Branch : Asst. Prof. Dr.Alaa mohammed dawod 


  -Department reporter

 Name :Asst.lect.Asad kudier 








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