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At the close of the fourth international scientific conference events for environment and sustainable development organized by the environmental research center at the University of technology in cooperation with the Arab Union for sustainable development and environment held in Cairo, Egypt, the  president of university Prof  Dr.Amen Dawie thamer Esquire The head of the Department Prof Dr.Wisam  Kazim Hamdan esteemed shield for his participation in the fourth international scientific conference for environment and sustainable development and for being a member of the Supervisory Committee at the Conference.

Friday, 21 December 2018 07:23

sports activities

Within the sports activities of the students of our department and under the supervision of Mr. Ali Ghanem, head of the sports activities in the department

 teams won the football team of our division on the team  football computer science (2-0) as well as tennis and table tennis won our third team in the league championship congratulation.



Thursday, 13 December 2018 09:17


The Bio Medical Engineering Department was established in cooperation with the Scientific Committee, chaired by the University upgrades both PH.dr.Shaker skran  altrkiata Committee Chairman Ph.dr. awfa Abdel Rasoul Abdullah promotions Committee Chairman in the Department of biomedical engineering to establish a workshop discussing the merits and new promotions and applicability in the scientific branches and departments and was the workshop to attend both the

 Assistant professor Dr.. Karim Hussein Jawad Deputy head for administrative affairs

Assistant professor Dr. Jamal Mohamed Hamad Branch Chief Bio-mechanics

Assistant professor Dr. Marwan wholesome chief medical instrumentation

Assistant professor Dr .Hussein Jamil

Assistant professor Dr. Saad Mahmoud -Scientific Committee Assistant lecturer   of the Scientific Committee on bio-branch

Scientific Committee member  of bio mechanics branch Assistant lecture.amen adnan 

 Scientific Committee on medical instrumentation  branch Assistant lecture. Dalia mohammed ali


The Medical instrumentations  Branch in the Bio medical Engineering Department of Life held a seminar entitled "Free radicals, antioxidants and the role of food in them". The workshop was presented by Ph.dr.juman Khalil ibrahim ,attended by the heads of branches and a number of teaching staff were held in Jerusalem Hall on Wednesday, 12-12-2018 .

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 16:32


Certificates of participation of the President of the Biomedical Engineering Department and the members of the faculty members at the first conference held at the University of Baghdad entitled Medicine with geometric eyes.

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