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Saturday, 20 April 2019 09:07

The University of Technology women’s football team won on the Al-Israa College women's football tea

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The women’s football team of the University of Technology, represented by the team from the Biomedical Engineering Department under the supervision of coach Ali Ghanem won on the team of the Al-Israa College women’s team by beat them with two goals for the team of University of technology. The match held with the presence of the President of the University and the Head of Department and other Department staff. The President of university give the medals and the trophy to the two teams and honoring the attendees from the Biomedical Engineering Department.



Saturday, 20 April 2019 08:21


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Ph. Dr. Wissam Kazim Hamdan received the certificate of appreciation from the head of the  Electromechanical Engineering

Department , Ph. Dr. Hisham Selim, for his efforts to participate in the first student festival of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering.

Saturday, 20 April 2019 08:16

Honoring the Head of the Bio Medical Engineering Department

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Honoring the Head of the Department on the anniversary of the University Day of Technology On the occasion of the founding of the University of Technology 44, the President of the University of Technology, Professor Dr. Amin Dway Thamer, honored the President of the Bio Medical  Engineering Department of ,

Professor.Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, in appreciation of his scientific efforts in supporting and supporting the university and the department.

Saturday, 20 April 2019 08:11

Participation of the Bio Medical Engineering Department in the exhibition of scientific findings

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The  Bio Medical Engineering Department participated in the projects of the fourth stage students in the exhibition of scientific products, which was held on the occasion of the founding of the University Day of Technology under the supervision of its professors department where the president of the university and distinguished guests expressed their admiration for projects and students' ideas.


Wednesday, 17 April 2019 06:37

Ph.Dr. Raed Saleh received the golden medal

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Ph.Dr. Raed Saleh in the Bio Medical Engineering  Department received the golden medal  for his participation in the second international conference which was held at the University of Babylon under the banner of creativity uniting people.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019 16:54

Dr. Thamer Aboud Abbas obtained a patent

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A retired teacher receives a patent for the Biomedical  engineering department o

Dr.  Thamer Aboud Abbas obtained a patent from the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control

Where it was called the invention of "the use of lotion of the sama in the mouthwash"


Wednesday, 27 March 2019 16:41

Reception of the Biomedical Engineering Department for students of alsalam high school

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Reception of the Biomedical engineering  Department  for students of Al-Salam Preparatory School where the students and the teaching staff accompanying them visited the laboratories of the department through a field tour in all the facilities of the department.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 16:35

The meeting of the experts committee

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The meeting of the experts committee (fifth meeting) was chaired by Prof. Mohsen Jabr Juij and attended by Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, Head of the Biomedical Engineering  Department at the University of Technology, The meeting included the finalization of the course of the next academic year in all Iraqi universities

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 16:24

the team of basketball

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Congratulations  to the team of the Department of basketball in our department championship basketball league where the team swept the team engineering communications department by 21 goals against 8 goals..


Wednesday, 27 March 2019 16:16

the football team

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A photo of the football team from the first stage of the morning and evening studies with the head of the department, Dr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan during the honoring of the team ended the friendly match between the two teams ..

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