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Scientific trip

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Scientific trip for the students of the second and third stage in our department to the center of the successor Derman Smart and medical rehabilitation Center Alareth Derman for smart industrial parties
It is one of the centers belonging to the Husseiniya sect in the holy province of Karbala
On Saturday 28/4_2018

The scientific expedition was supervised by Ph.D  Ali Nasser and accompanied by the Head of the Medical Devices Branch Dr.Mmarwan Nafie Ali.
Where the center is characterized by the manufacture of the latest technology for the upper or lower artificial limbs located in the world
The center contains several sections where the patient passes in the first section is the diagnosis of the appropriate party to the injured and then after the measurements are taken to the patient and then after the processing materials are requested according to the party and the party is manufactured in the center of the successor Derman After that the rehabilitation of the injured medically before Wear the party and then the casualty to wear the party and exercise his life normally.

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