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    not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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     The syllabus of biomedical engineering department                            The branches: Medical System  Bio mechanic

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          E-Learning for BioMedical Engineering Department              google forms click here   Explanatory video explains about Google classroom click here             

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    not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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      not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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              First  year Subjects   Lectures  Engineering Mechanics                                 Mathmatics                    Engineering Drawing                                 Workshop                                     Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals                      Computers                               Human Rights                                Descriptive Geometry                                    Second year Subjects   Lectures  Material Science             Mathmatics                                  Physiology and Atanomy                                  Resistance                                  Architecture and Logic                             Fluids &Thrmo                   AutoCad                             Medical Physics                                  Matlab                               Third year Subjects   Lectures  Electronics                                  Engineering Analysis                                  Anatomy and physiology                                 Biomechanics                                  Mechanic Design                                  Medical devices                                  Applications of Biomaterials                Electromechanical systems design                                   Biosignals                                            

Quality Division

Quality assurance: a response to the challenges faced by universities increased attention to quality and accreditation applications under development efforts in all areas of the activities of universities, University system components vary, whether academic, educational, administrative, technical or research. Seeking life medicine engineering in University of technology to coordinate and follow up on all academic and administrative matters relating to college programs for accreditation, by putting the private system partition to ensure quality assurance and enhance the quality of scientific programmes in terms of developing systems To monitor and evaluate performance and identify opportunities and challenges and strengths and weaknesses (evaluation), providing improvement plans and identify implementation priorities (calendar) down to the quality of education in medicine in life which means the sum of the characteristics and features of the educational system and its ability to provide outstanding graduate meets and achieves Current and future needs and strategic aspirations for the recipient of the service (student and labor market and society), leading to accreditation. In this context, Technological University has adopted the concept of quality assurance and assured in all departments and administrations and aim March.

Mr. Wissam Kazem Hamdan, the head of Biomedical Engineering Department, presents the respect to all
The meeting of the heads of the departments of Biomedical Engineering department at (University of
The committee of experts in the field of Biomedical engineering met with Ph. Dr. Wissam Kadhim
The Committee meeting was held in laboratories quality reliability Department headed by  eng. Huda
The president of Biomedical engineering department engineering Prof.Dr.Wisam Kazim Hamdan  will
A visit by the manager of Imam Hussein Holly Shrine-AlWarith Derman centre for smart artificial
(Chemical Alaa Hussein Younis.) Get master degree cum laude in (genetic engineering and
The Ministerial Committee visited the laboratory quality rating forms Audit Department 27-1-2019 on
The Audit Committee visited the laboratory quality classification forms for the academic year
IEEE UK and Ireland Section Committee Member, Dr Zeyad Al-Shibaany, has been awarded a prize as one

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19 March 2019
Lecture on the risks of microbial contamination
13 March 2019
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