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    not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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     The syllabus of biomedical engineering department                            The branches: Medical System  Bio mechanic

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          E-Learning for BioMedical Engineering Department              google forms click here   Explanatory video explains about Google classroom click here             

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    not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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      not found because the department was established in 2015-2016.

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              First  year Subjects   Lectures  Engineering Mechanics                                 Mathmatics                    Engineering Drawing                                 Workshop                                     Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals                      Computers                               Human Rights                                Descriptive Geometry                                    Second year Subjects   Lectures  Material Science             Mathmatics                                  Physiology and Atanomy                                  Resistance                                  Architecture and Logic                             Fluids &Thrmo                   AutoCad                             Medical Physics                                  Matlab                               Third year Subjects   Lectures  Electronics                                  Engineering Analysis                                  Anatomy and physiology                                 Biomechanics                                  Mechanic Design                                  Medical devices                                  Applications of Biomaterials                Electromechanical systems design                                   Biosignals                                            

Ph.Dr.zeyad Qassam Habib teaching in our department published paper entitled "Image Processing
As directed by the head of the  Biomedical Engineering Department  , Dr. Wissam Kadhim Hamdan, the
 dr. thamir Aboud AbbasTeaching in our department Book of thanks and appreciation from university
The General Authority of the Biomedical Engineering Department was held on Sunday, 5/6, under the
Students of the Bio Medical Engineering Department for the academic year 2017/2018Based on the
Projects of engineering students of Biomedical engineering department # The student project
Prof. Dr. Karim Hussein JawadObtained a patent entitled (a new method for the preparation and
Prof. Dr. Raed Saleh Jawad Teaching in our department gets the golden medal after his participation
Scientific trip for the students of the second and third stage in our department to the center of

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01 August 2018
 the summer training courses for the students of
10 March 2018
Photoshop professional courseThe Life Sciences
26 February 2018
Arduino - The first levelThe  Biomedical
26 February 2018
Under the guidance of the Head of the Department
27 January 2018
26 April 2017

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